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Concert at 16 Tonn Bar/ Moskow/December/2019

Concert at Fish Fabrique/St. Petersburg/November/2019

Concert at House of Jewish Culture ESOD/St. Petersburg/August /2019

Green Theater VDNH/Moskow/August/2019

Roof fest at Place/St.Petersburg/August/2019

Concert at Hi-Hat Roof/St.Petersburg/June/2019

Botanika Festival/Riga/May/2019

Snow concert at Alpenhouse/St.Petersburg/February/2019

Concert at Moriarty Bar/Moskow/February/2019

Kvartirnik at Social Club/St.Petersburg/January/2019

Concert at Roof Place/St.Petersburg/August/2018

Concert at Hi-Hat Roof/St.Petersburg/June/2018

"Spontaneous acoustics" at Books and Coffee art club/St.Petersburg/February/2018

The White Concert at Erarta/St.Petersburg/January/2018

Kvartirnik at Erarta Stage/St.Petersburg/October/2017

Concert at Skypark AJ Hackett/Soсhi/September/2017

Charity Concert to help the girl

Concert at Roof music fest/St.Petersburg/August/2017

Concert on the roof at Etaji Project/St.Petersburg/June/2017

Concert at "Cosmonaut" сlub/St.Petersburg/April/2017

The White Concert at Erarta/St.Petersburg/January/2017

Nochlezhka Fest/St.Petersburg/September/2016

Creative evening at "Tatler" restaurant/Moskow/August/2016

Roof Music Fest at HI-HAT/St.Petersburg/August/2016

Usadba Jazz festival/Voronezh/August/2016

Grushinsky festival/Samara/July/2016

Speech before the concert ZAZ at BKZ "Oktyabrsky"/St.Petersburg/April/2016

Concert at "MusicHall27"/Ufa/March/2016

Concert at "Polit Elk" Bar/Balashiha/February/2016

A "White Concert" at Erarta Museum/St.Petersburg/January/2016

Birja Bar/St.Petersburg/October/2015

16 tones club/Moscow/September/2015

A concert at Erarta Museum/St.Petersburg/September/2015

St.Petersburg Sea Fest/ August/ 2015

With David Brown at Roof Music Fest at "Kosmos" space/ St.Petersburg/ August/ 2015

"STECHKIN" Restaurant/ Tula/ July/ 2015

VK Fest/ St.Petersburg/ July/ 2015

Roof Music Fest at HI-HAT club/ St.Petersburg/ July/ 2015

from Jazz Club "Akademichesky"/Moscow/May/2015

from Jazz Club "Akademichesky"/Moscow/Autumn/2014

At ArtefaQ Club/Moscow/October/2014

St.Petersburg/ZOCCOLO 2.0/August/2014

with David Brown at roof music fest 7.08.2014

Presentation of the EP «Double Nature» and a Joint Concert with Neon Lights at «Artefaq» Club/Moscow/November/2013


St.Pete/«Nochlezhka» Festival/November/2013

Obninsk/Loft Bar/Jenia’s Concert Tour on Russian Cities/October/2013

Kaluga/Overtime Pub/Jenia’s Concert Tour on Russian Cities/October/2013

Ekaterinburg/«Ben Hall» Club/Jenia’s Concert Tour on Russian Cities/October/2013

Chelyabinsk/«Pianyi Straus» Pub/Jenia’s Concert Tour on Russian Cities/October/2013

Jenia and her band performing at Silver Rain Radio’s Yard/October/2013

Minsk/Jenia’s acoustic concert at Graffity Pub/October/2013

Presentation of the EP «Double Nature» with Neon Lights at «DaDa» Club/St.Petersburg/September/2013

Odessa/Jenia’s acoustic concert at Beaf Bar/September/2013

«Seasons» Festival in Odessa/September/2013

More Pictures from Saratov/Jenia’s Concert at Irish Pub/September/2013


Performances at the Cinema Festivals/Summer-Autumn/2013

«Usadba. Jazz» Festival/Summer-Autumn/2013

Kubana- Fest/Summer/2013

City Fireworks Festival /Summer/2013

St.Petersburg/ Roof Music Fest / August/ 2013

Rostov on Don/ August/ 2013

St.Petersburg/ « Fish Fabrique Nouvelle » Club/ July/ 2013

Velikyi Novgorod/ Jenia’s Acoustic Concert in the Church of «The Myrrh-bearing Women» (Cerkov Jen Mironosits)/ July/ 2013

St.Petersburg/ Boris Grebenschikov’s Concert at «Kosmonavt» Club / June/ 2013

St.Petersburg/ «Jagger» Club/ May/ 2013

Jenia’s Concert at Meyerhold Theatre Centre/26th of April/2013

St.Petersburg/ «Dusche» Club/ April/ 2013

Akademgorodok (Novosibirsk)/ Dom Uchenyh/ Jenia’s Concert Tour on Russian Cities/ Spring/ 2013

Krasnoyarsk/ «Che Guevara» bar/ Jenia’s Concert Tour on Russian Cities/ Spring/ 2013

Novosibirsk/ Art Café Brodyachaya Sobaka/ Jenia’s Concert Tour on Russian Cities/ Spring/ 2013

Omsk/ at «Pushkin’s» pub/ Jenia’s Concert Tour on Russian Cities/ Spring/ 2013

Chelyabinsk/The Bochka anti-pub/Jenia’s Concert Tour on Russian Cities/Spring/2013

Perm/ Sol Pub/ Jenia’s Concert Tour on Russian Cities/ Spring/ 2013

Nijnii Novgorod/ Milo Club/ Jenia’s Concert Tour on Russian Cities/ Spring/ 2013

Kaluga/Overtime Pub/Jenia’s Concert Tour on Russian Cities/Spring/2013

Jenia’s Concert and Birthday Celebration at Artefaq Club/ Moscow/March/2013

Jenia’s Concert and Birthday Сelebration at «Estrada Theatre»/ St. Petersburg/ 20 of March/2013

St.Petersburg/MOD Club/January/2013

Moscow/Gogol Club/ December/2012

Moscow/Masterskaya Club/November/2012

"M.K.A.D." Play

Tula City/ "TABU" Bar/ November/2012


Tver/Morozov Hall/ October/2012

St.Petersburg/MOD Club/October/2012

Moscow/Grand Bourbon Street/ October/2012

St.Petersburg/ Jagger Club/ September/ 2012

Moscow /Gogol Club / September /2012


3 concerts in 1 day/ 1.09.2012



Festival "Wild Mint"/June/2012

Presentation of the EP "Stepnoi Volk" (steppen wolf)/ club "B2"/Moscow/may/2012

ArtefaQ/ Masterskaya/2011

"C'est la Vie" CD Presentations MMDM / The Place/ December-2011




with David Brown from Brazzaville at B2 Club

Solo-Concert in Paris at Le Reservoire Club

with "Nouvelle Vague" Around the World